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Fall Color

Trees are starting to color up suggesting that fall is not too far away. One of the earliest and best is the Red Maple ‘Autumn Flame’ with its narrow silhouette, perfect for along the driveway and in tighter corners. Brandywine is a child of Autumn Flame and has deeper red tones and a more rounded crown. These two are very reliable for that stunning fall color we all love.

For more information on trees and shrubs that have terrific fall color, visit our Expert Advice Article on the subject.

red maple


Japanese Maples

The Japanese Maples are exquisitely beautiful right now as they leaf out. The fresh new foliage is rich and vibrant in color. It’s an amazing sight to see with the rich reds, golden yellows, peaches, pinks, oranges and shades of green. Those of you who are familiar with us know that we specialize in Japanese Maples and have the best selection in the region. From Mikawa Yatsabusa to Rhode Island Red to Twombley’s Sentinel, there is a Japanese Maple for every garden. The best selection all year is now!

japanese maple