Renowned British Clematis breeder, Ray Evison, has been dancing with this beloved vine for forty years. Visiting with him at a horticultural show in England, we learned of his distinguished life’s work. His breeding program has produced the world’s most beautiful Clematis flowers on compact, vigorous, happy vines. Bayview Farm & Garden has been selected as one of the exclusive U.S. outlets for these twining beauties.

Our annual shipment has recently arrived and the selection is fantastic. In nature, Clematis seed themselves in the shade at the base of trees, grow up through the sunny canopy, spread out and bloom. These charming vines need a cool root run (shaded roots) and sunny tops. Plant one at the base of a flowering tree and watch the tree bloom twice, send one scrambling through a rose bush or enjoy a potted Clematis under-planted with flowering annuals near the lounge chair on the deck. Don’t miss out on these sweeties!

And, if you need advice on how to keep them gorgeous year after year, visit our Expert Advice article on pruning clematis.


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