Flowering Perennials

Aquilegias (Columbines):

The Aquilegias or Columbines, are beautiful, easy to grow, spring blooming plants of many varieties. The delicate appearing foliage is reminiscent of Maidenhair Fern and the many colored flowers are structured with backward-facing nectar-bearing spurs. A woodland-type plant, they will grow well in part shade or sun and reseed vigorously in the garden.

At Bayview Farm & Garden in the spring to early summer, you will see many varieties of Columbine. All kinds of Columbine will attract Hummingbirds.

From the short, sweet blue and white alpina to the tall colorful Beidermeier to the native Western Columbine, every garden should have some of this easy keeper!

Photo Credit: By Yathramozhi CC-BY-SA-2.5, via Wikimedia Commons


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