Farm Store

Livestock feed has been sold from Bayview corner for decades. Bayview Farm & Garden took over from our friend, Bill Lanning, of Bill’s Feed & Tack in 1995 and we have kept the tradition of the friendly neighborhood feed store ever since.

Keeping the hometown traditions, we also maintain a modern edge with the newest and best products for pets and livestock. We introduced to the community the first organic livestock feed and are a proud supplier of In Season Farms and Scratch ‘n Peck feeds. We carry several lines of the cleanest, best quality pet foods. All of our pet foods are made in America and are safe and healthy for your dogs and cats. The Farm Store has a fun selection of toys and treats for pets as well as supplements and remedies.

Chick season in the spring is very busy for us as we help our customers learn about and set up their own backyard flock of chickens. Whether for fresh eggs, meat, or just pets, chickens are fun and easy to keep.

Bayview Farm & Garden stocks year ’round supplies of Eastern Washington Alfalfa, Orchard Grass and Timothy hay and straw.

Below is a bit more information about the variety of products we offer:

Chicks and Supplies

Pet Food and Treats


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