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Everything is Coming up Roses!

David Austin Roses, that is…These gorgeous English rose hybrids have a full, well-shaped appearance which makes them incredibly versatile in the garden. In addition to beauty, these roses are bred for disease resistance, vigor and repeat blooms. They require little care and are full of lush foliage and beautiful flowers all season long.

We have a wonderful selection of David Austin Roses. Here are just a few:

  • Gertrude Jekyll–a deep pink flower, often described as having the quintessential heirloom rose scent.
  • Fair Bianca–a graceful, pure white rose.
  • Penelope–a beautiful creamy pink color with lovely coral-pink hips.
  • Teasing Georgia–a sunny yellow scented rose with a flower packed with petals.
  • Abraham Darby–a yummy apricot flower, highlighted with yellow.
  • Graham Thomas–this yellow climber was voted the world’s favorite rose!

Abraham Darby Rose



Growing Roses in the Pacific Northwest

Someone once said, “The love of flowers is really the best teacher of how to grow and understand them.” It is easy to love the rose. The rich fragrance, the sumptuous clusters of silky petals, the extravagant color, the rewarding bouquet in the vase on the kitchen table…

It is also easy to be frustrated by the rose…the powdery mildew, the black spot, the aphids, the “little green worms”, the pale dull foliage, the sparse blooms…
In the maritime Northwest with our cool summers and our wet winters, the rose may feel like somewhat of an unwelcome guest, unless we consider its needs and comforts as good hosts always should. Our latest Expert Advice Article, “Planting Roses”, will help you navigate the pitfalls of growing in our Maritime climate. Also, Genevieve Schmidt at North Coast Gardening has a great post on Disease-Resistant Roses for the Pacific Northwest.

Hybrid Rosa rugosas are sturdy and disease resistant. Look for those with a “neat” or “tidy” growth habit to limit suckers.