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Plant Grasses for Fall and Winter Interest

Ornamental grasses are perfect for fall and winter interest. The colors and texture help keep us hopeful once the rains arrive. In addition, grasses are the perfect companion for fall decor.

Deschampia Northern Lights Seed Head

Consider trying this arrangement of gorgeous grasses in a tall vase: Carex Red Rooster, Pennisetum Burgundy Bunny, and the graceful flowers of Deschampsia Northern Lights. It will knock your socks off!

Here are some of the many varieties of ornamental grasses we have in stock:

• Carex: Red Rooster, Prairie Fire, Evergold, Orange Sedge
• Stipa Mexican Feather Grass
• Pennisetum Burgandy Bunny
• Ophiopogon: Black Mondo Grass, as well as green
• Miscanthus: Morning Light, Yakujima and Adagio
• Panicum Shenandoah
• Molina Veriegata
• Blue Fescue
• Blue Oat Grass
• Japanese Blood Grass
• Hachonechloa: Albostriata, All Gold and Fubuki
• Deschampsia Northern Lights
Photo Credit: Matt Lavin via Flickr, CC