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Conair Pro Memory Gel Grip grooming tools for pets are ergonomically the nicest we’ve seen so far. These tools are well made in America and have soft grip handles that are easy and pleasant to use. Stop by the Farm … Continue reading

Local Honey is Back!

Fresh, local, western Washington honey is back! Our new source is from the apiary of Round Tuit Farms and the honey is a mix of wild flower and blackberry.  There are two sizes…a one pound squeeze bottle for $10.00 and quart jars for $20.00.  Pretty sweet!


Lixit Chicken Toy

The Lixit Chicken Toy is a great way to keep your feathered friends entertained. Just fill the toy with chicken treats and let the fun begin! Want to see how it works? Check out this video!

Tuscan Natural

We’ve got a great new cat food in stock called Tuscan Natural. This chicken based, dry kibble is loaded with extra virgin olive oil, a groundbreaking advancement in pet nutrition, and is excellent for cats with digestibility, skin and coat issues. It also helps cats that tend to struggle with hairballs. We’re getting enthusiastic feedback from our customers with this cat food.

Green Slow Feeder

Our new Green Slow Feeder is a great way to feed dogs that tend to eat too fast, gulp their food and get digestive problems. This interactive feeder slows the feeding time down and is a great cure for those furry frenzied feeders! Check out this video for more information.

It’s Chick Season!

Chick season continues with chicks arriving every two weeks and there is still time to order specific varieties for your back yard flock. Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are popular layers, Araucanas lay green eggs and we carry many other fun and interesting varieties. Raising chickens is a great developmental activity for kids as they learn to nurture and care for their egg-laying friends.


Friends Don’t Let Friends be Bored!

Friends Don’t Let Friends be Bored! Nina Ottosson Dog and Pet Activity Toys and Games: Now available… Tornado, Finder, Brick and Twister. For more information, visit the Nina Ottosson website.

Pictured here: Nina Finder