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Fall Bulbs and Colchicum

We have all of our bulbs stocked and ready for fall planting. One of our favorites is the fall blooming Colchicum. Often called Autumn Crocus, these bulbs are actually more closely related to lilies. And, if you’ve ever seen the variety ‘Water Lily’ in bloom, you’ll see the family resemblance. Fall Colchicums start blooming in September and can continue until December, when it is almost time for the Crocus to start blooming.

It is said that this bulb is responsible for inspiring the use of roots and seeds in medicine. Colchicums contain a chemical (cholchicine) that is used in Western Medicine to treat gout and Mediterranean Fever. In Homeopathy, Colchicum Autumnale is added to remedies to treat everything from an upset stomach to achy joints.

And, if those reasons aren’t enough to get you to try Colchicums, here are five more:

  • They are the only bulb to bloom while dormant
  • They require nothing but a little sunlight to force a bloom
  • They will grow and bloom in part shade
  • They are deer and vole resistant
  • They grow in average soil and require little care

And speaking of bulbs, we also have a good supply of onions, shallots, and local, organic garlic to be planted now.

Photo Credit: By Meneerke bloem (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0  via Wikimedia Commons