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Using Annuals in the Garden

It’s a great time for gardeners! Never before have we seen such a huge variety of available plants. Botanists, hybridizers, nursery professionals, and adventurous global collectors all possess a fiery passion for new and unusual garden worthy plants. Their hard work comes to us in the form of little treasures in small pots holding wonderful surprises. The beauty of nature combines with the artistry of humankind right there in your garden.

Superbells Dreamsicle

Just in case you become bored with the same old marigold, consider expanding your horizons. Just like a kid in a candy shop, you can gather into your containers, sweet and delectable beauties that inspire joy in the heart of even the most jaded gardener.

Annuals are plants that sprout, grow, bloom, set seed and die in one seasonal cycle. Because producing seed is their only means of reproduction, they must flower heavily and continuously. If you “dead- head”, or remove the spent blooms, they will flower even more in an attempt to make more seed. This is why annuals are so effective in summer beds and containers for that great color splash.

In new garden beds or mixed borders, annuals can be tucked around to brighten up bare places until the shrubs and perennials fill in. In a cutting garden, annuals will contribute the most volume of choice options for the vase on the kitchen table. Whether for bold, jazzy color or gracious understated charm, annuals render long seasonal interest.

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Photo Credit: Proven Winners, LLC., Superbells Dreamsicle