Bayview Farm & Garden is a full service garden center and feed store perfectly located right off the main highway on South Whidbey Island. Started by Maureen Murphy in 1993, along with the creative talents of original manager and first employee, Cathi O’Nan, Bayview Farm & Garden has grown over the years to be a vibrant, important and integral part of the economic, environmental and social life of Whidbey Island. We provide the highest quality in plants, related gardening supplies, horticultural expertise, livestock feed,
pet foods and supplies, along with sound advice on caring for animals.

From the beginning Bayview Farm & Garden has been innovative in its focus on a non-toxic approach to gardening. Situated on this beautiful island in the great Puget Sound watershed, we have always maintained a commitment of good stewardship to our sensitive island environment.

Gardeners and animal lovers both young and old have made Bayview Farm & Garden their destination for a solid and reliable community meeting place,
exchanging ideas, information and friendship. After its humble beginnings in a hayfield, Bayview Farm & Garden continues as a community supported business, helping to make Whidbey Island an even more beautiful place.

Our Mission Statement is to be in a partnership of trust with our fellow Whidbey Island residents and off-island visitors, in providing excellence in goods, services, knowledge and inspiration with the purpose of creating aesthetic beauty and satisfaction amongst our homes, gardens, pets and livestock. We do this with the intention of protecting the health and safety of our community, the natural environment and the wildlife of our unique
and wonderful island home.

All Good Dogs are on a Leash at Bayview Farm & Garden!

We are a very pet friendly garden/feed store. We have a pet department at Bayview Farm & Garden, so we experience both pet and people traffic. The dogs love to bring their two-leggeds in for a visit. We see everything from the huge, drooling Mastiff to the miniature Yorkshire Terrier peering out from a well-heeled woman’s tote bag. We have ready treats, big smiles, and bowls of fresh water at all times. We do see other kinds of pets such as the completely tamed chicken in the arms of a little girl, rabbits on leashes, exotic birds on shoulders and a lizard in a pocket. But mostly it will be the dogs. When a new puppy comes to visit, we have a “puppy alert” message on the radio so that staff members can slobber and gush over the little cutie if they have time. The dogs love the attention.

We love that dog owners understand that their dogs need to be on leashes and most know to bring plastic bags to pick up any loose items. If not, we have installed a bag dispenser to help take care of Rover’s “leftovers”.

In the fall, as part of our Apple Day Festival, we participate in hosting the annual doggie costume competition called the “Mutt Strut”. This has turned into one of the year’s most popular events, with live music and a stage where the dogs perform their tricks and display their costumes. The day includes a dog/owner parade throughout Bayview Corner. The dogs all seem to be having a lot of fun. There is also a prize for “best dog smile”!

We always look forward to seeing the pets that come into Bayview Farm & Garden and we believe that anything that makes our customers smile is a good thing.


2 responses to “About

  1. Great website and your store is very nice. I hope to visit soon.

  2. Would love to visit you – Any chance you ship or deliver to close-by towns off Whidby?

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