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Pruning Clematis

One of the questions most often asked at the garden center relates to the pruning of clematis vines. It can be a somewhat confusing topic. This confusion arises from the fact that there are different types of clematis (spring bloomers, summer bloomers and spring and summer bloomers) each requiring different pruning styles.

We’ve uploaded a guide on pruning clematis that will make this job a cinch. Head over to our Expert Articles to learn more!


Everything is Coming up Roses!

David Austin Roses, that is…These gorgeous English rose hybrids have a full, well-shaped appearance which makes them incredibly versatile in the garden. In addition to beauty, these roses are bred for disease resistance, vigor and repeat blooms. They require little care and are full of lush foliage and beautiful flowers all season long.

We have a wonderful selection of David Austin Roses. Here are just a few:

  • Gertrude Jekyll–a deep pink flower, often described as having the quintessential heirloom rose scent.
  • Fair Bianca–a graceful, pure white rose.
  • Penelope–a beautiful creamy pink color with lovely coral-pink hips.
  • Teasing Georgia–a sunny yellow scented rose with a flower packed with petals.
  • Abraham Darby–a yummy apricot flower, highlighted with yellow.
  • Graham Thomas–this yellow climber was voted the world’s favorite rose!

Abraham Darby Rose


Reblooming Hydrangeas

Reblooming hydrangeas are full of color all season long. These stunning performers bloom on both old and new wood, making them foolproof for all gardeners. One of our favorite varieties is Hydrangea Red Sensation. The blooms appear in summer, displaying a lovely shade of lime green that change to red, before fading to purple in the fall.

In addition to the rebloomers, we have lots of other varieties in stock. Stop by and choose one while they are in full bloom!

Hydrangea ‘Red Sensation’