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It’s Chick Season!

Chick season continues with chicks arriving every two weeks and there is still time to order specific varieties for your back yard flock. Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are popular layers, Araucanas lay green eggs and we carry many other fun and interesting varieties. Raising chickens is a great developmental activity for kids as they learn to nurture and care for their egg-laying friends.



Hanging Baskets for Spring

Beautiful, colorful hanging baskets are arriving weekly from our growers. A well grown hanging garden is a work of art involving a careful selection of plant varieties and combinations, nurtured with care for your enjoyment.

hanging basket 2

Japanese Maples

The Japanese Maples are exquisitely beautiful right now as they leaf out. The fresh new foliage is rich and vibrant in color. It’s an amazing sight to see with the rich reds, golden yellows, peaches, pinks, oranges and shades of green. Those of you who are familiar with us know that we specialize in Japanese Maples and have the best selection in the region. From Mikawa Yatsabusa to Rhode Island Red to Twombley’s Sentinel, there is a Japanese Maple for every garden. The best selection all year is now!

japanese maple

Gardener & Bloome on Sale!

Gardener & Bloome on Sale!

This is the time to prepare your garden soil for the growing season. We think that Gardener & Bloome’s Compost Harvest Supreme is the best compost for soil amending available anywhere. If you’ve lived on Whidbey for any length of time, you know that our island was created from glacial drift. The remnants from the glacier formed the basis of our soil, clay, gravel and sand. In some areas, this combination can make gardening incredibly difficult.

The solution is to use soil amendments, like Gardener & Bloome Compost Harvest Supreme (click here for a video about this amendment).  In addition to increasing drainage and building soil structure, Harvest Supreme is filled with nutrients and micro-nutrients that are critical for the development of a healthy, living soil. In addition, it:

  • Organic, with long-lasting ingredients including chicken manure, bat guano & kelp meal make an excellent fortified natural soil amendment for all vegetable & flower gardens.
  • Helps break up clay soils & improves soil drainage.
  • Formulated to provide abundant plant nutrients, improve physical soil structure & help balance pH when mixed with existing garden soil.

And with our buy three, get one free sale for the month of April, Harvest Supreme is an all around great deal! Dig some of this magic into your existing soil at about a 50/50 and watch your plants put on big, big smiles! Remember, feed your soil and it will take care of your plants.