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Plant Grasses for Fall and Winter Interest

Ornamental grasses are perfect for fall and winter interest. The colors and texture help keep us hopeful once the rains arrive. In addition, grasses are the perfect companion for fall decor.

Deschampia Northern Lights Seed Head

Consider trying this arrangement of gorgeous grasses in a tall vase: Carex Red Rooster, Pennisetum Burgundy Bunny, and the graceful flowers of Deschampsia Northern Lights. It will knock your socks off!

Here are some of the many varieties of ornamental grasses we have in stock:

• Carex: Red Rooster, Prairie Fire, Evergold, Orange Sedge
• Stipa Mexican Feather Grass
• Pennisetum Burgandy Bunny
• Ophiopogon: Black Mondo Grass, as well as green
• Miscanthus: Morning Light, Yakujima and Adagio
• Panicum Shenandoah
• Molina Veriegata
• Blue Fescue
• Blue Oat Grass
• Japanese Blood Grass
• Hachonechloa: Albostriata, All Gold and Fubuki
• Deschampsia Northern Lights
Photo Credit: Matt Lavin via Flickr, CC


Fall Bulbs and Colchicum

We have all of our bulbs stocked and ready for fall planting. One of our favorites is the fall blooming Colchicum. Often called Autumn Crocus, these bulbs are actually more closely related to lilies. And, if you’ve ever seen the variety ‘Water Lily’ in bloom, you’ll see the family resemblance. Fall Colchicums start blooming in September and can continue until December, when it is almost time for the Crocus to start blooming.

It is said that this bulb is responsible for inspiring the use of roots and seeds in medicine. Colchicums contain a chemical (cholchicine) that is used in Western Medicine to treat gout and Mediterranean Fever. In Homeopathy, Colchicum Autumnale is added to remedies to treat everything from an upset stomach to achy joints.

And, if those reasons aren’t enough to get you to try Colchicums, here are five more:

  • They are the only bulb to bloom while dormant
  • They require nothing but a little sunlight to force a bloom
  • They will grow and bloom in part shade
  • They are deer and vole resistant
  • They grow in average soil and require little care

And speaking of bulbs, we also have a good supply of onions, shallots, and local, organic garlic to be planted now.

Photo Credit: By Meneerke bloem (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0  via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Time Once Again for Apple Day and Mutt Strut!

Historic Bayview Corner will host Apple Day, featuring the Mutt Strut dog parade and costume contest, on Saturday, October 20, 11 am – 3 pm. Free admission with a charge for food and beverages; takes place rain or shine. This annual event is organized & sponsored by Bayview Farm & Garden, Goosefoot Community Fund and Bayview Farmers Market.

Apple Day and Mutt Strut Dog Parade & Costume Contest to take place at Whidbey Island’s Historic Bayview Corner on Saturday, October 20, 2012, 11 am – 3 pm. Be sure to strut on over to Baview Farm and Garden for “Yappy Hour” with refreshments for both four- and two-legged contestants. 2:30 pm.

This family friendly community festival will feature the following activities:

Apple Pressing & Tasting Stations
Staff from Bayview Farm & Garden will be on hand pressing apples for fresh cider and leading you through a delicious apple tasting experience. 11 am – 3 pm. Stop in to taste a variety of ciders and then order your apple tree for next year based on your favorite!

The Mutt Strut: Dress up your favorite canine for the 7th Annual Mutt Strut Dog Parade & Costume Contest, organized by Goosefoot. This year’s panel of judges features prominent members of South Whidbey’s prolific theater community including: Deanna Duncan, actor & production director at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts; Andrew Grenier, director & actor; Shelley Hartle, actor & musical director; Suzanne Kelman, playwright & actress; and David Ossman, writer & comedian.

Prizes awarded for:
* best dog costume
* best owner & dog costume combo
* best trick
* best celebrity dog
* This year features a new prize category for best owner costume!

There might even be a surprise prize category or two made up on the spot by emcee and Whidbey Island’s “conductor of fun” Jim Freeman. Registration for the Mutt Strut begins at 12:30 pm; parade at 1:30 pm.

Other Activities:
* Apple Stacking contest for all ages, sponsored by the Bayview Farmers Market
* Live music
* Local wine tasting
* Bayview Farmers Market on-site, featuring more than 50 vendors representing farmers, producers, artisans, and chefs.
* Representatives from local animal organizations will have booths with information about animal adoption, resources, and more!